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If you are a senior manager or senior executive woman looking to make an impact, review our membership criteria and apply to join a network of board-ready women. As a member of TBrA, you’re now a member of a trusted network of senior executives. We will actively promote you for board positions continent-wide and beyond, support your board leadership career and connect you with like-minded peers.

TBRA Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria:

  • TBRA Membership Criteria CEOs, VPs, Partners, or Founders (or equivalent) of companies with significant revenue/traction, or
  • TBRA Membership Criteria Directors at blue-chip (or higher) companies
  • TBRA Membership Criteria Influencers, thought leaders, or domain experts in specific industries
  • TBRA Membership Criteria Minimum 15 years working experience
  • TBRA Membership Criteria Prior board experience is great, but not a requirement
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What can you expect

TBRA community


We bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and provide opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally through a host of initiatives, including but not limited to board training, personal development programmes and connections to board opportunities.

TBRA access


TBR Africa’s members have access to a wide range of resources including board opportunities from reputable organisations worldwide, board resources etc. to help develop their leadership skills in the workplace, the boardroom and beyond.

TBRA development


TBR Africa offers development opportunities including masterclasses, webinars, mentorship programmes and our flagship programme “Open Doors”. Open Doors is the globally-accredited board training of its kind offered to women leaders from across Africa.

TBRA events


TheBoardroom Africa promotes the exceptional female talent of its diverse members to boards across the continent. As part of our work to accelerate and sustain your success, we host board networking events as well as conferences which serve as networking opportunities to facilitate relationships among our members and organisations searching for diverse talent.

What members say about us

“TBR Africa is doing a great job of ensuring women are fully equipped to step in board positions with confidence..

Keep up the good work TBR Africa!”

“TBR Africa offerings are incredibly useful from both a professional and personal development perspective. Their webinars are first class with experts guiding valuable discussions on topics relevant to women leaders. Keep up the great work and thank you!”

“TBR - Great platform for women leaders who make a difference”

“The Boardroom Africa provides a unique marketplace for professional engagement and opportunity. On this platform, I am able to connect with amazing African women as well as friends of Africa, showcasing the greatness of the Continent and transforming its businesses.”

“The TBR Africa network has been invaluable in helping me connect with other professional women in Africa facing and overcoming similar experiences and challenges. TBR Africa not only promotes our work and achievements but also introduces the community to new board opportunities. By advocating for gender balance in Africa's boardrooms, TBR Africa is improving effective decision making, driving enhanced corporate innovation and improving the odds of success for Africa to reach its full potential by leveraging all its people – male and female.”